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                                            Research & Development for New Ideas


                                                    "Ve hast vhat ist tackes"

                                                                     Astragalus Lab LLC
                 We are working to have pollution free energy production, such is referred to as green energy.
                  Hydrogen , Solar and Wind energy we like, but our minds are turned to almost limitless energy
                  availability as soon as the code locking this type of energy production is broken, we will know
                  a better way of life without pollution from energy production.  Energy of limitless amounts from
ources not yet unlocked..  Support the work for new ways of energy production.

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New lab expansion projects.  Lab expansion is delayed due                to funding shortage.      

             The official name of the lab is  Astragalus Lab LLC  ( Alt-Nrg-Research)                     

                                                                                          Hang on the best is yet to come!!


                                                                                                   "Ya, Ve has some solu-inks to zome tings cummink"
          Astragalus Lab  open... more construction planned, but stalled for lack of funding

                                       "Your electric car is pretty sick..but I think we can fix it in just a minute"


                       Stick  around      Help clean up the world!          

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          "I do not know what happened This experiment was supposed to work, it blew up in my face and I used to have curly hair"


                 Hmmm!  In order to get more involved, I guess you will need to email the Lab




             Astragalus Lab --Alt-Nrg-Research





Electrets - Power without input - this is one area of next research 

Solid Electrolyte - This is one areas of next research

          Carbon Batteries - -  Looking for new carbon ideas
     Graphene Batteries              Magnet Motors 
Noble Gas Engine - when funding can be found

                           Water - States of water  -  Plasma  -     Batteries 

                                            Youtube video of our Lab -  only 5 minutes long            



 Are you working on technology break through in your basement, garage, a spare room or in a small area of your business facilities, tell us about what you are doing- is your technology almost ready?  Is your problem getting prototyping done and getting financing and then getting it manufactured and distributed world wide?

  Do you want to have an interview done, email us!  N
eed to get your technology reviewed?
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Help us take young ideas to a mature conclusion

                                               Donations and Contributions of funds gratefully accepted!                                                              There is nothing worse than creativity bottled up with no progress. 
                     What is the greatest deterrent to making disruptive technology discoveries??
                      Funding, consider for a moment that a lab needs materials, equipment, and 
                      the ability to expand to accommodate growth and more people working.  To 
                      great competition against the government funded labs, since the funding goes
                      to those with the most political 
connections - - help us to progress to the point where
                       we will be able to give some of these politically funded lab directors sleepless nights! 

                   Help America to be strong  -  Fund free independent labsFund Astragalus Lab LLC

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