"Ve hast vhat ist tackes"

                                                                            Astragalus Lab


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        So, the Lab is open and research is being set up.  Stay tuned                     for next video.  Start of new lab expansion 
                                                  projects yet to be announced.


                                                                                  Hang on the best is yet to come!!


         Want to be there when it happens? Want to see the results?

                           Want to see possible changes in the energy world?



                                                                                                    "Ya, Ve has some solution-inks to zome tings cummink"

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                                                 A W X C Q G K X P G W I I M A L L A G J 
                                                 S C L Z R D S B Y D V U B A L G V N B M 
                                                 H C T K O G N M N D R B B C M N C Y I H 
                                                 M A P F R U L G U R I L B W Z U F X R Y 
                                                 N V N R S H J V K G R J O O R Y M F V J 
                                                 S F Q O O R L S N Y U R B E R O Y C M S 
                                                 H B S R I H L V D G N V T S J Q T M N B 
                                                 L O Y I K U F C Z V D F Y N X C K L J L 
                                                 Y S I Q Z I O M L E Z V I J A Z B S Z K 
                                                 M L S H N E T L U E N K R S Y J X Q E O 
                                                 Y Z G K K N O R R E P I N U J Y O L K J 
                                                 T C S L J B T L T M S A A R U S A C E L 
                                                 I O O Y G N N N I B R U H G L D E X E V 
                                                 J G M H U D I L E T S U M C E P Z F M Z 
                                                 Z B M I V P L C R B E L P P A R X Q I K 
                                                 A E H I H G P O P U E M W Y L O R O V D 
                                                 D V H C J T P F Y V J L O U G P Q G F A 
                                                 T V N Z T H E M E J X B I O B S E S O H 
                                                 L I I Z I Q Z B T J C A U Z D E N L K Y 
                                                 L V Y C X V N E K Y L U T K T G K M R Z 
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                   Math Square Puzzle #1  Solution to be published in about 1 Week

                                         The   Astragalus lab is now open... with more construction underway

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          "I do not know what happened This experiment was supposed to work, it blew up in my face and I used to have curly hair"




                      HHO production                   

                      Hydrogen Production

                      Electrets - Power without input
                          Graphene Batteries
                      Magnet Motors
 - electrically assisted
Noble Gas Engine
Water - States of water
              Other items being developed

        Below: some photos of lab equipment

This picture is of the north wall of the Astragalus Lab note that there is a project work table in the corner of the room.  This is a project work table and it is on castors as this is a compact Lab and it is essential to be able to move things around in the Lab to help to make room for another project from time to time.  Notice that there is a "jig saw" which is of a deluxe type having speed control and a line that blows the dust off of cutting lines, with a port to insert a shop vacuum hose to draw off most of the dust created.  There is a file cabinet placed against this wall, a radio set up that has a CD player.  There is a very sturdy step stool leaning against the file cabinet.  The shelving provides storage for items needed in the Lab.

                This is the largest of the project work tables of the two that are presently in the Lab. Note that it is also on castor so that it can used anywhere space is available in the Lab.  This one is being stored next to an outside door to the Lab.  There is a small vise on this work table and the rack if containers is screwed in place to prevent knocking it over and spilling parts and tools that will be stored there while working on a inventive project.  There are two project work tables in the Lab, this is the largest one in the lab of the two used.  Not shown in this picture,there has been installed a small vise  and a power strip with a 10 foot electric cord so that mo matter where the project table is moved to, there will always be access to electrical power.  new pictures will be uploaded soon.

This is a close up of the project work table as shown in the photo of the North Wall of the Lab.  It has had a small vise added to it since this picture was taken.  There is also a rack of containers screwed down on the top surface of this  project work table.  It is on casters as shown in the picture of the north wall of the Lab.  This is the largest of the two project work tables in the Lab.  The feature of castors under items is important in being able to use a small space to better advantage.  We have shelving/carts on wheels and our drill press is on castors also.  After eventually seeing all of the Lab you will see how certain things being mobile helps the Lab to function as a much larger work space..

   This is a photo of our Red Rolling Storage Shelves - giving extra storage that can be rolled out of the way to clear space for work.  They may be stored out of the Lab area proper to clear working space at two wooden work benches that are in the Lab.



      This is a picture of our drill press on castors to move it around easilyIt can be put out of the way until needed to be put in use        

                  A video of the Lab will be placed on our YouTube site soon,  Stay tuned....... and on the new web site now being written!  

              Lab Fully Opened!! NOW!!  
Photos coming soon of the interior of our Compact Lab!

                                          Vic Shade - Astragalus Lab Owner

         Will do videos of work and of Interviews of  creative
         people who are working on interesting projects, 
         mostly they will be found on our YouTube Channel
        in the future - -if you have work to display and tell about
        let us know - - please be patient - - good stuff
        takes time 

The New YouTube Site is up - we have video of lab and some videos of work being done.

Will survey our area for interviews to do of work being done by entrepreneurs here.  Those that will permit us to do so, we will do video the interviews and post them on YouTube, doing interviews over the internet also.   
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