"Ve hast vhat ist tackes"


         Photographs of the new lab will soon be posted on this web site

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             "Ya, Ve has some  solution-inks to zome tings cummink"

                     The Astragalus lab is very soon to open!     

 Alt-Nrg-Research --Astragalus Lab
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"I do not know what happened This experiment was supposed to work, it blew up in my face and I used to have straight hair"

Please help us by establishing a contact available status on with us... It will help  us to get information to you as soon as it is available and you will be notified when new videos are available to be seen and when our blog begins

Items either being worked on theoretically
         Prior to research in the Lab or in research
 stages in the LAB:

                To see Vi
deo                                                                Click Below    to See Video




        HHO production                   

        Hydrogen Production

        Electrets - Power without input
         Graphene Batteries
         Magnet Motors -
electrically assisted
Noble Gas Engine
Water - States of water
        Other items being developed

       Lab Fully Opening Soon! 
Photos coming soon of the interior of our Compact Lab!

                                          Vic Shade - Astragalus Lab Owner

         Will do videos of work and of Interviews of  creative
         people who are working on interesting projects, 
         mostly they will be found on our YouTube Channel
        in the future - -if you have work to display and tell about
        let us know - - please be patient - - good stuff
        takes time 


New YouTube Site is up - will have video of lab and some videos of work being done.  Will survey our area for interviews to do of work being done by entrepreneurs here.  Those that will permit us to do so, we will video the interviews and post them on YouTube.   
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